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  • jack

    A device for lifting heavy objects.

  • jacket

    A short coat for the upper body made in various forms and lengths but usually no lower than the waist; worn separately or as part of a suit. Also, similar outer garments worn for warmth or protection from the weather.

  • jars

    Deep, wide-mouthed vessels used for holding a variety of substances, usually without handles and generally cylindrical, although sometimes made in other shapes. ILDC74.

  • jaundice

    The yellow appearance of both the skin and ‘whites’ of the eyes that occurs when too many red blood cells are being broken down.

  • jeweller's scales

    Weighing balance, usually scalebeam, used to measure the mass of precious stones, especially diamonds.

  • jewellery

    Ornament such as a bracelet, necklace, and ring, of precious or semiprecious material worn or carried on the person for adornment; also includes similar articles worn or carried for devotional or mourning purposes.

  • jigsaw puzzles

    Puzzles of irregularly shaped and tightly interlocking pieces of pasteboard or wood that when fitted together typically form pictures or designs; name derived in the 20th century from the type of saw used to create the intricate cutouts.

  • jim crow

    A manual tool used for bending rails.

  • jug

    Vessels, generally made of earthenware, stoneware or porcelain and often of large capacity, which have a narrow neck and a handle (usually a vertical loop or scroll handle); may sometimes have a pouring lip

  • jugum penis

    Forceps for temporarily compressing the penis.

  • junk

    Sailing vessel common especially to the seas of China and Java, having flat bottoms, high sterns with a square bow, and two or three masts