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  • handcuffs

    Shackles for the hand, generally consisting of a divided metal ring which is locked around the wrist; usually made in pairs of rings connected by a short chain or bar.

  • handkerchiefs

    Pieces of cloth, usually square, varying in size and material, carried for usefulness or as a costume accessory.

  • handlamp

    A hand-held portable light source carried by railwaymen and used for giving hand signals in poor light.

  • handle

    The portion of, or attachment to, object that is designed to be grasped by the hand.

  • handstamp

    A stamp (usually made of rubber) for imprinting a mark or design by hand

  • hanger

    An object used to suspend another object from above, most commonly a clothes hanger

  • harbors

    Designates well-sheltered inlets of water affording protection from wind and sea and sufficient depth to allow anchorage for vessels.

  • hard hat

    Protective hats made of strengthened, rigid materials with a shock-absorbing lining, often yellow; worn in hazardous working conditions for protection and visibility.

  • hardness tester

    A broad term for an instrument that determines the hardness of another substance.

  • harness

    Any harness designed to help an animal or person move a vehicle.

  • hat

    Shaped coverings for the head having a brim and crown, or one of the two.

  • hawser

    type of rope used on ships

  • head

    The part of the body that contains the brain, organs of sight, hearing, smell and taste.

  • headboard

    A board placed on a bracket on the front of a locomotive or train showing the name of the train or the reporting number.

  • headdress

    Any element of clothing worn on one's head. especially an ornamental attire for the head worn by women.

  • headed paper

    Paper which has the senders name and, often, adress at the top of the page.

  • Heaf test

    A skin test carried out before vaccination to determine whether or not an individual is immune to tuberculosis.

  • Heaf test gun

    used to carry out Heaf tests

  • health

    State of well-being of an organism or part of one, characterized by normal function and unattended by disease. IDMB.

  • hearing aid

    A small electronic apparatus that amplifies sound and is worn in or behind the ear to compensate for impaired hearing.

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