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  • haematology

    The study of the structure of the blood and blood forming tissues.

  • haemoglobin

    a substance contained within the red blood cells and responsible for their colour, a protein made from iron and responsible for carrying oxygen around the body

  • haemoglobinometer

    an instrument for determining the concentration of haemoglobin in a sample of blood, which is a measure of its ability to carry oxygen.

  • haemophilia

    A hereditary disease in which the blood clots very slowly, causing prolonged bleeding following any injury.

  • haemorrhage

    The medical or technical term for bleeding.

  • haemorrhoids

    A condition in which the veins around the anus or lower rectum are swollen and inflamed.

  • haemostasis

    The stopping of bleeding, either naturally or artificially.

  • hair

    The fibrous outgrowths of the skins of various animals, composed of the protien keratin, used, among other things, for making fabrics, as stuffing, and for making brushes.

  • hair slide

    Decorative bar-shaped clasp to hold the hair in place, particularly for long hair to keep it away from the face. .

  • hairbrushes

    Brushes for smoothing and styling the hair. RHDEL2.

  • hairdryer

    An electrical device for drying the hair, by blowing warm air across it

  • half model

    Models, traditionally of wood, representing half of a structure, generally a building or a ship divided vertically along a central axis, such as the mid-ship line for a vessel half-model. Used for a design presentation or for decorative purposes.

  • Hallade track recorder

    A scientific device used in a moving vehicle to instantaneously quantify permanent way defects.

  • hammer - tool

    Hand tools having a hard solid head, usually of metal or stone, set transversely on a handle. They are used for driving nails, beating, breaking, or other applications involving pounding or striking. The term may also refer to machines in which a heavy block of metal is used for the same purpose.

  • hand

    The portion of the upper limb distal to the radiocarpal joint, comprised of the wrist, palm, and fingers.

  • hand barrow

    A wheeled hand cart for transporting luggage, goods and equipment along station platforms.

  • hand tools

    Any tools which are operated by and guided by hand. PUTNAM.

  • handbells

    Bells having a handle enabling it to be held in the hand for ringing. NGDMI.

  • handbill

    A means of supplying printed information about railway services and regulations from earliest times (1840 Newcastle & Carlisle Rly).

  • handbills

    Small printed sheets usually containing a notice or advertisement intended to be distributed by hand and often doubling as posters. For small printed sheets intended for wider distribution, to the general public, use "circulars." For larger pieces, intended especially for posting, use "posters."

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