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  • genetic fingerprinting

    A technique which matches DNA sequences obtained from bodily fluids, in order to determine an individual's identity. Often used to determine possible genetic relations, or link a suspected criminal to a crime scene.

  • genetics

    Biological science which deals with the phenomena of heredity and the variation between progenitors and offspring. ERIC9.

  • genito-urinary medicine

    The branch of medicine dealing with the genital and urinary organs.

  • geodesic sensor net

    A large number of electrodes that are placed on a person's head. Used to record weak electrical signals of the brain.

  • geodetic theodolite

    Large precision surveying instruments for measuring horizontal and vertical angles and consisting of a sighting telescope mounted that is free to rotate horizontally and vertically. Used for primary trigometrical survey of an area requiring great precision.

  • geomantic compass

    A type of compass that is used in Feng-Shui (sometimes translated as geomancy). Feng-Shui is a traditional Chinese practise that aims to align energy in positive ways in living spaces and the landscape.

  • germ

    Tiny organisms that cause disease. 'Germ' is now a term that is applied loosely to many micro-organisms, including bacteria, viruses and fungi.

  • germ theory

    The theory that germs cause disease, often by infection through the air. The germ theory was formally proven by Robert Koch in 1875.

  • girder wagon

    A specialised vehicle, usually part of a set, for carrying long and heavy loads such as girders.

  • globe - cartographic sphere

    Representations of the Earth, heavens, or another planet in the form of a ball

  • glove

    Coverings for the hand enclosing each finger separately, sometimes extending over the wrist and arm.

  • glucometer

    A medical device used to calculate the approximate concentration of glucose in the blood. It is commonly used by people with diabetes for home diagnosis and treatment.

  • Goa

    The capital of the colonial Portuguese empire in Asia and East Africa which gained its independence from the Portuguese in 1961.

  • goa stone

    A popular 17th century remedy for various fever-like diseases, a goa stone consisting of various drugs made up in the form of a hard ball, from which a portion was scraped as required.

  • goblet

    Drinking glass with a large bowl, of various shapes, resting on a stemmed foot.

  • goggles

    Protective coverings for the eyes having special lenses with shields at the sides and sometimes projecting rims or eye tubes; may consist of two lenses or a single frame and either held in place by two sidepieces extending around the ears or a strap that passes around the back of the head.

  • goitre

    An enlargement of the thyroid gland that is usually visible as a swelling of the neck. Simple goitre occurs when the thyroid gland is unable to meet the demands of the body.

  • goniometer

    An instrument for measuring angles, such as those made by joint movements.

  • gonorrhoea

    A sexually transmitted infection that affects the genital membranes of either sex. Symptoms include a yellowish discharge from the genitals.

  • goods waybill

    A label attached to goods in transit to indicate destination, consignee etc.

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