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  • fish fork - place fork

    Forks having three or four tines, the outer tines are often wider and may have a curved point. Generally used with a conforming fish knife.

  • fish fork - serving utensil

    Large, broad four-tined forks used with a fish slice or with a serving knife to serve fish.

  • fish knife

    Small knives with a flat blade that is decoratively shaped and has no sharp edge; meant to be used with a conforming fish fork to eat fish.

  • fish van

    A railway van used for the carriage of fish, usually refrigerated and insulated.

  • fishing vessel

    Watercraft engaged in fishing

  • fishplate gauge

    A gauge for measuring the profile of a fishplate.

  • fishplate profile set

    A set of gauges for measuring the profile of fishplates.

  • fistula

    An abnormal passage, usually between two internal organs, or between an internal organ and the surface of the body.

  • fixed signal

    A lineside signal which is always there, as opposed to a (portable) hand signal.

  • flannelgraph

    A piece of flannel as a base for paper or cloth-cut outs, used as a toy or teaching aid.

  • flask

    A bottle with a wide body and a thinner neck used in Chemistry. Traditionally made of glass, but more recently made from plastic.

  • flat file

    General-purpose tapered steel file used essentially in metalwork but also in working hardwood surfaces.

  • fleam

    A sharp instrument used for opening veins, lancing gums etc.

  • flicker book

    A book of images, which when flicked through in quick succession give the appearance of motion.

  • fluoroscope

    An X-ray device equipped with a fluorescent screen on which a patient's insides can be viewed in real time. The patient is constantly exposed to a low X-ray radiation, in contrast to a normal X-ray machine which uses a short burst of a higher level of radiation.

  • fluoroscopy

    The practice of shining a fluorescent back light through X-rays to create an image without developing X-ray photographs. Known as fluoroscopic images.

  • flute glass

    Tall, extremely narrow drinking glasses with a conical-shaped bowl that rests on a stem. Used for drinking wine, especially sparkling wines. For glasses with a shallow saucer-shaped bowl intended for drinking champagne use "champagne glasses."

  • fly paper plate

    A specifically designed ceramic plate used to hold fly paper.

  • fly swatter

    A device for killing insects that consists of a flat piece of perforated rubber or plastic or fine-mesh wire netting attached to a handle.

  • foetal heart rate monitoring

    Measuring the heart rate of the foetus during childbirth is important in modern, medicalised childbirth. The changing beats per minute rate is detected via an electronic foetal heart monitor. The rate can be observed during the birthing process and may prompt medical intervention.

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