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  • fertility rites

    Rituals and ceremonies, usually with magical or religious overtones, which attempt to tame the unpredictable forces of nature to ensure a plentiful supply of food or the birth of healthy children or, very often, both. They may take the form of prayers, chants, dances and the performing of sacred dramas.

  • fever

    A rise in body temperature above normal. Fever usually occurs as a natural response to infection.

  • fibroid

    Muscle tumours of the uterus.

  • field camera

    A folding view camera that is usually made of wood, which is for use on location

  • field dressing

    A type of bandage carried by soldiers for immediate use in case of wounds.

  • field hospital

    A temporary hospital set up near a combat zone to provide emergency care for the wounded.

  • figured glass

    Use generally for glass used in architecture that is cut, embossed, sandblasted, or otherwise embellished.

  • filar micrometer

    A form of eyepiece micrometer in which spider's web thread of fine wire is used to delineate the item being measured. Usually consists of a viewing eyepiece, fine thread mounted on a framework slide moved by a micrometer screw with divided scale.

  • file - tool

    Steel hand tools with teeth or raised oblique ridges; used for scraping, redressing, or smoothing metal or wood.

  • film strip viewer

    A hand held device for viewing strips of imgages.

  • filter

    A porous device designed to block certain objects or substances whilst letting others through. Filters are often used to removed solids from a liquid or gas.

  • Finsen lamp

    Niels Ryberg Finsen was a Danish physician who pioneered the use of ultraviolet light – from a Finsen Lamp – in the treatment of a number of skin infections.

  • fire bar

    The cast iron units of a firegrate, designed to support burning coal and permit the ingress of air.

  • fire dog

    device of metal or ceramic intended to hold logs above the hearth or skewers above fire for cooking.

  • fire extinguisher

    Portable devices for immediate use in putting out a fire

  • fireless locomotive

    A small steam locomotive without a firebox, fed with steam from an external source and therefore suitable for use in high fire risk locations, etc.

  • firing shovel

    A short handled tool with rectangular metal blade used to convey coal into firebox.

  • first aid

    Treatment that is rendered initially for the care of an emergent condition. It is usually performed by a lay person to a sick or injured patient until definitive medical treatment can be accessed

  • first aid kit

    A kit designed to give help to an injured person until proper medical treatment is available

  • first day covers

    Use for envelopes, postcards, or other postal items of reasonable size with a new stamp or stamps bearing the postally applied marking 'First Day of Issue' and indicating the date and place of first official issue. DMM.

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