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  • face phantom

    An instrument used for teaching and practising eye operations in the early 1900s.

  • facsimile - reproduction

    Use for precise reproductions, usually in the same dimensions as the original, especially of books, documents, prints, and drawings. Today often reproduced photographically; in the past, reproduced by engraving or other printmaking process.

  • fairing

    Ceramic figure purchased at a fair, usually as a memento

  • fallopian tubes

    The pair of fine channels through which eggs pass from a woman’s ovaries to her uterus.

  • fan - costume accessory

    Hand-held impliment used to produce a current of air or that serve as purely decorative accessory; may be rigid or collapsible.

  • fares book

    A manual of fares, normally held in a booking office, showing the price of travel between stations for the various classes of passenger or ticket.

  • fares list

    A tariff of fares applicable from the current location.

  • feeding

    To provide with food or nourishment

  • feeding cup

    Specially shaped cup used to feed invalids who cannot sit up.

  • feeding funnel

    differs from 'feeding cup' as not necessarily used for feeding babies or invalids, sometimes used during cermonies and ritulas such as the feeding of chiefs during tattooing ceremonies, sometimes classed as a relgious object.

  • feeding tube

    A piece of flexible tubing passed through the oral pharynx and into the oesophagus and stomach, through which liquid food is fed. Used to feed patient or in some cases force feeding in case of hunger strikers.

  • female condom

    A barrier form of contraception. It is worn inside the vagina. A flexible ring at the closed end of the tube covers the cervix and holds it in place, while at the other end an open ring stays in place at the vaginal opening. Like the male condom it provides a protective barrier during sex and is used both as a contraceptive and to protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

  • female menopause

    The time in a woman's life when ovulation and menstruation stop and the woman is no longer able to bear children. The menopause can occur at any age between the middle thirties and the middle fifties, but occurs most commonly between 45 and 55.

  • female urinal

    urinal used by women

  • femur

    The thigh bone. It is the longest bone in the human body.

  • fender

    Refers to a variety of formed components, often curved and of metal or wood, mounted or hung along the sides of land vehicles or watercraft, as over the wheels of road vehicles, to protect the vehicles and occupants from injury and splashing.

  • Fennings product

    An Alfred Fenning's product

  • Fennings' product

    Alfred Fennings opened a pharmacy in London in 1840 which sold treatments for serious illnesses. A ‘Fennings product’ is from this company, which distributed its wares across Britain.

  • fermentation

    A form of anaerobic respiration (respiration that does not need oxygen) occurring in certain micro-organisms, for example yeasts.

  • fertility

    The natural capacity to give birth.

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