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  • door plate (identifying artifact)

    Use for plates, usually of metal, placed on doors, usually of houses, apartments, or rooms, bearing the occupant's name.

  • doorplate

    A nameplate fastened to a door; indicates the person who works or lives there or a general notice.

  • doors

    Barriers which swing, slide, tilt, or fold to close a doorway, usually of solid and finished construction and usually leading to or separating interior spaces. Use also for similar features that close a container or a piece of case furniture. For barriers of less solid or finished construction, and usually separating two exterior spaces, use "gates."

  • doshas

    The three energies in Ayurveda medicine. When in balance with each other are believed to maintain good health and also determine personality.

  • dotchin

    A form of Chinese or Japanese steelyard scales with ivory beam and wooden banjo-shaped case.

  • double helix

    The name for the shape of two strands of DNA when bound together into a twisted helix.

  • douche

    Liquids (sea water, lemon juice, vinegar or shop-bought preparations) used to rinse the vagina before or after sexual activity.

  • downpipe

    A vertical pipe which brings rainwater to ground level from roof gutters or waste water from hoppers.

  • drawing - visual work

    Visual works produced by drawing, which is the application of lines on a surface, often paper, by using a pencil, pen, chalk, or some other tracing instrument to focus on the delineation of form rather than the application of color. This term is often defined broadly to refer to computer-generated images as well.

  • drawing board

    Tables with surfaces adjustable for elevation and angles of incline.

  • drawing instrument

    A tool or instrument used for creating technical drawings.

  • drawing pen nib

    The part of the drawing pen which comes in to contact with the writing surface in order to deposit ink.

  • dray

    A low, heavy cart without sides, used for haulage.

  • dressings

    Remedies and bandages used to dress or cover a sore, wound, or other lesion.

  • drill - tool

    Large machine or hand tool that is used for making holes in a variety of materials.

  • drink dispenser

    A device designed specifically for the easy dispensing of liquid to an ill individual, presumably one who is lying down.

  • drinking fountain

    Plumbing fixtures consisting of a water jet and often a shallow basin designed to provide potable water for human consumption.

  • drivers bag

    A bag supplied by the railway company to locomotive drivers to carry the tools and equipment required for him to carry our his duties.

  • drivers lamp

    A handlamp carried by the locomotive driver to enable him to inspect the locomotive in the dark and to give hand signals if necessary.

  • drivers lunch box

    A container, often made of metal and specially designed to withstand the heat and dirt found on the locomotive footplate, in which the driver keeps his packed lunch.

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