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  • display bottle

    Used to describe a bottle containing a substance, used for display or storage

  • display card

    Small card displaying the advertisers name

  • dissection

    The cutting apart and separation of body tissues for the purposes of critical examination. Dissection of corpses is often carried out for the study of anatomy.

  • distillation

    A technique to remove or separate components in a liquid mixture. It works because chemicals have different boiling points. Vapours produced by boiling are cooled and then collected when condensed.

  • district nurse

    In Britain, a nurse who is specifically trained to treat patients in their home.

  • diuretic

    An agent that increases the excretion of urine.

  • dividers

    Measuring devices with two legs movable on a joint or pivot, similar in form to drawing compasses but with two metal points and used, for example, to divide lines, transfer dimensions, or lay off circles or arcs.

  • dividing engine

    A device specifically employed to mark graduations on measurement instruments OED

  • divination

    The practice of seeking knowledge of the future through the interpretation of omens or other supernatural means.

  • divination object

    Objecs used in divination or associated with divination rituals.

  • DNA

    Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). The material of all living organisms, it stores the information, or blueprints, about every cell and is located in the genes. It is made up of two strands which form a double helix and are linked with hydrogen bonds. It was first described in 1953 by Francis Crick and James Watson.

  • DNA analyser

    Laboratory equipment for anaylsing DNA

  • DNA sequencer

    Machine that sequences DNA, used to sequence the bases that make up a small lenth of DNA (stores the information, or blueprints, of every cell and is located in the genes).

  • documents

    Use especially for recorded information regardless of medium or characteristics. In its broadest sense, however, can include any item amenable to cataloging and indexing, that is, not only written and printed materials in paper or microform versions but also nonprint media and, in some circumstances, three-dimensional objects or realia.

  • dog collar

    A collar for a dog's neck. Also an informal name for clerical collar, or close-fitting collars worn by men and women.

  • dolls

    Human or humanoid figurines, especially those used for play, and certain ones used for ceremonial, religious, or decorative purposes.

  • donkey engine

    A method of spraying antiseptic used by Joseph Lister, powered by hand and placed upon a tripod. The amount of carbolic acid that it delivered was so powerful that it had to be abandoned.

  • donor card

    A card indicating the consent of the holder to use his or her organs for transplant in the event of death.

  • door knob

    A form of door hardware that consists of a pair of knobs on opposite ends of a spindle used to release a door latch. Distinguished from "closet knobs," which have a knob on one end of the spindle and a rose or plate on the other.

  • door panel

    sheet that forms a distinct (usually flat and rectangular) section or component of a door

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