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  • diagnostic tool

    Any range of medical instruments used to diagnose illness.

  • diagram

    Graphic designs that explain rather than represent

  • dial scales

    Use for scales generally characterized as having a large dial on the front of a box containing the mechanism, on top of which is mounted the weighing surface.

  • diaphragm

    A barrier form of contraception. It consists of a dome-shaped latex or silicone disc with a flexible rim that covers the cervix. In combination with a spermicide it blocks sperm from entering the uterus and thereby prevents fertilisation. Popular since the late 1800s, their use has considerably reduced in recent years.

  • diarrhoea

    Frequent movement of the bowels, commonly in liquid form.

  • diary

    Refers to books containing the daily, personal accounts of the writer's own experiences, attitudes, and observations. Use "journals (accounts)" when referring to an individual's or an organization's account of occurrences or transactions.

  • die

    a device used for shaping metal.

  • die holder

    A device which helps assure accurate alignment when threading a turned part.

  • diesel electric locomotive

    A locomotive powered by electric traction motors which carries its own generating plant fuelled by diesel.

  • diesel locomotive

    A locomotive whose principal power source is a diesel engine.

  • diesel mechanical locomotive

    A locomotive powered by diesel with mechanical transmission system.

  • diesel railcar

    A diesel powered passenger carrying vehicle.

  • diesel-electric locomotives

    Use for locomotives in which power is developed by oil-burning internal combustion engines driving electric generators that supply power to electric traction motors for propulsion.

  • diesel-hydraulic locomotives

    Use for locomotives in which power developed by oil-burning internal combustion engines is delivered through hydraulic transmissions to driving rods and axles by means of shafts and gears.

  • diffraction grating - reflection

    Material (glass, metal, plastic etc.) with reflective surface upon which fine grooves are made either by ruling of impressed in the case of replica gratings. When light is reflected, mutiple spectra are produced by the effects of dispersion and interference.

  • digestion

    The process in which food passes through the stomach and intestines and is converted into products that can be absorbed into the blood.

  • digital camera

    A general term that refers to any camera capable of acquiring still or motion pictures via an electronic sensor and storing them as digital information on a memory device.

  • digitalin

    Any plant from the Digitalis genus. Its dried leaves and seeds are used to treat some forms of heart failure. Its acts by stimulating the nervous system.

  • digoxin

    A drug extracted from the digitalis plants, specifically the Foxglove, used to treat heart failure. It heightens heart muscle contraction and decreases the heart rate. The line between therapeutic and toxic dose is fine.

  • dilation

    Enlargement or expansion of a body part

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