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  • cinchona

    The dried bark of any of the Cinchona trees. Used to stimulate the appetite, prevent bleeding and, in the past, to treat malaria.

  • cinchonine

    One of the compounds derived from the bark of various species of cinchona trees, used in several medical practices including anti-malarial treatments.

  • cine camera

    A camera that takes a sequence of photographs that can give the illusion of motion when viewed in rapid succession

  • cine camera projector

    An opto-mechanical device for displaying moving pictures by projecting them on a projection screen.

  • circular

    Letters intended for circulation, either widely or throughout a particular group

  • circular dividing engine

    A machine for accurately dividing the circular scales of surveying, astronomical or other instruments, such as sextants and octants.

  • circulars

    Use for printed pieces such as notices or advertisements, usually in the form of single sheets or leaflets, intended for wide distribution to the general public. For similar pieces intended for distribution by hand and often doubling as posters, use "handbills."

  • circulation

    The system of movement of the blood through the heart and blood vessels around the body.

  • circumcision

    Surgical removal of the foreskin around the penis. Usually for religious or ethical reasons, but may also be done for medical reasons.

  • circumcision knife

    A knife used to perform circumcision.

  • circumferentor

    Circumferentor, or surveyor's compass, is an instrument with a magnetic compass with sights used in surveying to measure horizontal angles against the magnetic meridian (magnetic north-south line). Not to be confused with early instruments with pivoted alidades that would have been referred to as theodolites.

  • clamp

    An instrument for compression of a structure

  • Claude glass - optical drawing aid

    Device consisting of a black glass mirror of convex form in a carrying case. Used by landscape artists who observed their scene through the mirror, which would provide a picturesque aesthetic of a subtle gradation of tones. It is named after the artist Claude Lorrain (1600-1682) who is synonymous with this artistic movement.

  • cleft lip

    A condition occurring in the womb where the palate and lip do not fuse completely.

  • clergy stole

    a priest's silk vestment worn over the shoulders and hanging down to the knee or below.

  • climber for climbing telegraph poles

    A device with metal spikes, strapped to the leg and used to grip into wood for climbing telegraph poles.

  • clinical chemistry

    The study of health, disease and drugs at a chemical, molecular and cellular model.

  • clinical diagnosis

    A diagnosis given based on the signs and symptoms of a disease.

  • clinometer

    Any instrument for measuring angles of inclination by reference to a plumb line, spirit level or other means to obtain a true horizontal or vertical line.

  • clitoridectomy knife

    Knife used for the removal of the clitoris (clitoridectomy), more often a therapeutic rather than medical procedure.

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