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  • cervical cap

    A barrier form of contraception. It consists of a thimble-shaped device which fits tightly over the entrance of the cervix. It blocks sperm from entering the uterus and thereby prevents fertilisation. Popular since the mid-1800s, their use has dropped dramatically in recent years.

  • cervix

    Neck of the uterus, projecting downwards into the vagina.

  • chaldron wagon

    An early two-axle hopper type coal wagon.

  • chamber pot

    Bowl-shaped container with a handle, used as a urinal at night. Chamber pots remained in common use until the 1900s when inside water closets replaced them. They are still used in countries where indoor plumbing is rare.

  • character doll

    Doll made in the likeness of specific real people or human or humanoid fictional character; use "character toy" for the broader category that includes these plus animal figures.

  • character toy

    Figural toy made in the likeness of specific real person or animal or human, humanoid, or animal fictional character; use "character doll" for the narrower category of figurines representing only specific real people or human or humanoid fictional characters.

  • charity

    The noble act of voluntarily giving goods, money or time to those in need.

  • charm

    An object kept or worn in a belief that it has magical powers to protect against harm or to bring good luck.

  • charm - spell

    Written text of words said or chanted for magical effect. Used at magical ceremonies or arts; magic, sorcery, enchantment.

  • chart - graphic document

    A tabular or graphic representation of a fluctuating or dependent variable, such as magnitude, temperature, cost, etc.

  • chassis

    A complete frame and wheel assembly.

  • chastity belt

    A garment which prevents the wearer from having sex.

  • chemical demonstration equipment

    Equipment used to teach and demonstrate concepts and processes in the discipline of chemistry

  • chemical pathology

    The branch of pathology that deals with the basis of diseases and measures substances in body fluids in order to aid diagnoses and treatment.

  • chemistry

    The branch of science that studies substances which constitute matter with the aim of discovering their properties, how they react, and the uses and products of such reactions.

  • chemistry set

    A set of scientific apparatus which allows the user to perform simple scientific experiments.

  • cheque

    Written orders drawn on a bank to pay on demand a specified sum of money to a named person, to his order, or to bearer, out of money on deposit to the credit of the writer; must be endorsed to be transferred.

  • chest protector

    A garment designed to protect the chest from injury. These are commonly worn when participating in hard contact sports or any other activity that carries a risk of injury.

  • chicken pox

    A common, highly infectious and contagious childhood virus that results in an itchy red rash.

  • chilblains

    A red itchy swelling that is caused when the skin is exposed to cold weather.

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