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  • blood sample card

    used to collect blood samples for storage purposes

  • blood transfusion

    An injection of healthy, donated blood into a patient to raise his or her number of red blood cells. The blood is matched according to type (A, B, O, AB).

  • bloodletting

    Puncturing a vein in order to withdraw blood. A popular medical practice for over two thousand years. Bloodletting often involved withdrawing large quantities of blood in the belief that this would cure or prevent many illnesses and diseases. The practice has been abandoned for all but a few very specific conditions.

  • blotters

    Books in which entries of transactions or occurrences are made as they take place, usually pending their transfer to permanent record books; such as a police blotter or general merchandise store blotter. GAHLM.

  • BMI

    The Body Mass Index (BMI) is a way of working out if a person is over or under weight. It is calculated by dividing weight in kilograms by height in metres. The resulting number is then divided by height in metres again. Currently it is suggested that a healthy BMI lies between 18.5 and 25.

  • boat

    Watercraft generally smaller and less seaworthy than ship and generally not designed to cross large open waters

  • body lice

    A small insect that attaches to the clothes and hair of humans. They thrive in unhygienic conditions and can transmit disease.

  • body panel

    A panel forming part of the internal or external skin of a railway carriage or wagon.

  • bogie

    A swivelling wheeled structure, to guide and support a locomotive or railway vehicle, usually 4 or 6 wheeled.

  • boiler stay gauge

    A gauge for checking the thread sizes in the locomotive boiler plate prior to inserting new boiler stays.

  • boiler wagon

    A special vehicle dedicated to the conveyance of industrial boilers.

  • bolster wagon

    An open freight vehicle fitted with one or more raised transverse beams (bolsters) on which the load is carried clear of the floor to facilitate loading and unloading. The bolsters are normally equipped with removable stanchions to control lateral movement of the load.

  • bone

    The very hard and dense connective tissues that join to form the skeleton. Made of collagen fibres and bone salts.

  • bone forceps

    forceps used to seize or remove fragments of bone

  • bone plate

    plates used to bridge fracture sites

  • bone reamer

    A rotating finishing or drilling tool used to shape or enlarge a hole.

  • bone saw

    Special type of surgical saw for cutting through bone

  • book

    Collections of wood or ivory tablets, or sheets of paper, parchment, or similar material, that are blank, written on, or printed, and are strung or bound together; commonly many folded and bound sheets containing continuous printing or writing; especially, when printed, a bound volume, or a volume of some size.

  • book cover

    Detachable, flexible coverings for books, usually of paper cut flush with the covers, folding around the binding with the ends tucked in between the cover boards and the free end paper. For attached outer sheets or boards, use "covers (gathered matter components)."

  • book of tickets

    Early railways adopted the stagecoach system of writing out tickets in a ledger or book. The ticket was torn from the ledger leaving a stub or counterfoil as an accounting record of the transaction.

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