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  • abdomen

    Part of the body located below the chest. It contains the digestive organs (stomach, kidneys, intestines, liver, etc). In women it also contains the ovaries and uterus.

  • abscess

    A swelling, caused by a build up of pus, that is located within the body tissue.

  • abstracts

    Brief summaries that provide the essential points of written works.

  • account

    Documents in which monies or goods received and paid or given out are recorded in order to permit periodic totaling.

  • account book

    Books in which financial accounts are kept.

  • acetabulum

    The cup-shaped cavity at the base of the hip bone into which the ball-shaped head of the femur fits.

  • Acid Purification System

    automates the purification of DNA from biological samples such as blood, sell cultures viruses and other tissues.

  • acne

    A disorder of the skin in which the glands producing oily matter become inflamed. It is characterized by blackheads, pustules and even scars. There are a number of treatments available. Acne particularly affects teenagers.

  • acrylic painting

    acrylic paintings (visual works) (<paintings by material or technique>, paintings (visual works), ... Visual and Verbal Communication (Hierarchy Name))

  • actinotherapy

    the treatment of disorders with infrared or ultraviolet radiation

  • acupuncture

    A central therapy in Traditional Chinese Medicine, where fine needles are inserted into the skin at specific points. These points are believed by to lie on channels, or meridians, of energy flow, or qi (chi).

  • addiction

    The condition of being addicted, or unable to live without, a particular habit, substance or pursuit.

  • adenovirus

    A virus that contains DNA. It causes respiratory infections that have similar symptoms to the common cold.

  • ADHD

    A behavioural disorder which begins in childhood. Symptoms include short attention span and impulsive tendencies, commonly but not always combined with hyperactivity.

  • admission ticket

    A voucher that entitles entry to an event or establishment, often prepaid.

  • adrenaline

    A hormone secreted from the adrenal gland in preparation for ‘fright, flight or fight’. The effects include increased heart and breathing rate, improved muscle contraction and delayed muscular fatigue.

  • advertisement

    A public notice or announcement especially one advertising goods or services in newspapers, on posters, or in broadcasts

  • advertisements

    Public notices or paid announcements, especially those in print. For announcements paid for by an advertiser and broadcast on radio or television, use "commercials."

  • advertising

    The nonpersonal presentation of goods, services, or ideas for action, openly paid for by an identified entity. KAUFAD.

  • advertising card

    Use for cards distributed by merchants or manufacturers to advertise or promote their business or product, sometimes as premiums. For small printed sheets or cards bearing tradesmen's advertisements from the 17th through the 19th century, use "trade cards." For cards made later, bearing the name and address of a business concern and the name of its representative, and intended more for information than for advertising, use "business cards." For cards made later and issued primarily to be collected, with or without advertisements on them, use "collecting cards." For cards intended to be posted as public advertisements, use "posters" or its narrower terms.

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